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Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

A boiler is a big investment, so it can be hard to bring yourself to replace your current model if it appears to be working fine.
However, the boiler you have now is likely around 10 years old, so you’re going to notice a huge range of benefits when you switch it for an updated version! Keep reading this blog post to find out all the main benefits that come with buying and installing a new boiler. 

Less wasted energy means less wasted money

If your old boiler is over five years old, it probably isn’t going to be A-rated for efficiency (90%), it might be nearer to E,F or G-rated, which in most cases is as low as 70% efficient. Whilst 30% doesn’t seem like much at first, it means that for every £1 spent, 30p is wasted. This falls into comparison with A-rated boilers where for every £1 that is spent, only 10p is wasted; hugely noticeable if added up over the years.

In other words, by having a more efficient, A-rated boiler, you can spend more money on the more important things in life! Not to mention, the savings will quickly begin to offset the initial price of your new boiler, so it really is win win!

New boilers come with a new warranty that protects you for breakdowns. 

For example, as an accredited installer with ATAG, we can offer you a 10-year warranty on all ATAG boilers that’ll see you well into the future. Being covered for the next decade gives you peace of mind that you won’t have to splash out on any pricey repairs or breakdowns for a while; giving you the freedom to spend your money on much more exciting things. A lot of warranties require annual boiler servicing to keep them valid, so always be sure to read the small print. 

A new boiler is a reliable boiler

Do you sometimes wake up and wonder whether your boiler will have warmed up your water enough for a nice hot shower? Or do you sit at work and pray that your home will be warm for once when you get home? Getting a new boiler eliminates all of this stress. A reliable, new boiler leaves nothing to chance, so your home and water will always be warm when you want it to be. 

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